Monday, February 27, 2012


From George Packard, Occupied Bishop, on Facebook:
At the bottom of Broadway, in the heart of the NYC financial district, there's this statue of a bull. It's become iconic for the over-hormoned culture on Wall Street. I attended clown training last night and this is one of the results...

Oh no! You clowns are under arrest for attacking our national idol, the Golden Calf - er - Brazen Bull of Wall Street.

UPDATE: Read George's latest post at his blog, titled 'A Lenten Return for Occupy'.


  1. The clown attack took place last year. Since then the city cops with little fanfare took down the barricades "protecting" the statue and abandoned their patrol.

    Interestingly, the statue itself was initially "illegally" placed under the Broad Street Christmas tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange and impounded by the police. After a public outcry, it was "temporarily" relocated to the current Bowling Green site, where it has stood since 1989.

  2. As Bp George Packer reports, clown training continues.

    The police were wise to discontinue their 'protection' of the bull. The statue is a major tourist attraction now, and I suppose there would be an outcry if the bull was taken away and housed in a museum.

    Paul (A.), when you pass the statue, do you rub the lucky parts?

  3. I do not. Perhaps if I had I would not have tripped on my basement steps in January and partially torn my vastus lateralis quadriceps muscle and tendon.

    I'll correct that the next time I pass that intersection, if I can get through the swarms of tourists polishing the statue themselves.

  4. Perhaps if I had I would not have tripped on my basement steps in January...

    Indeed. You'd best make up for your omission ASAP.


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