Wednesday, December 21, 2016



  1. Aw. Tim has renewed energy to fight. Or so it seems.

  2. Scarlett's not alone!

    [Though JCF also has the sadz because 1. I'm sick, 2. my dad is declining, and 3. my favorite little dog I've taken care of for 6 years just moved away. :-( ]

    1. JCF, I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon. My sympathy for your dad's decline and the little dog moving away. Merry Christmas, anyway. :-)

  3. What ho, chums!
    Mr Faggots read this and asked me to send his favourite Christmas poem to Scarlett;

    "Cat In The Manger"
    by U.A. Fanthorpe

    In the story, I'm not there.
    Ox and ass, arranged at prayer
    But me? Nowhere.
    Anti-cat evangelists
    How on earth could you have missed
    Such an obvious and able
    Occupant of any stable?

    Who excluded mouse and rat?
    The harmless necessary cat.
    Who snuggled in with the holy pair?
    Me. And my purr.

    Matthew, Mark and Luke and John,
    (Who got it wrong, Who left out the cat)
    Remember that,
    Wherever He went in this great affair
    I was there.

    (We have to call him "Mr" Faggots ever since he saw "In the Heat of the Night" where Rod Steiger asks Sidney Poitier "And what do they call you back in Philadelphia BOY" and he replies "They call me MR TIBBS!!!" We're stuck with it now.)

    Anyway, Happy Catmas to you all from MikeN & Mr Faggots.

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    1. Happy Catmass to you, your family, and Mr Faggots, Mike!


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