Sunday, March 12, 2017


One week after Trump's inauguration, his administration told four top level career State Department managers that their services were no longer needed.  While it's true most presidents appoint their own people to top posts, they usually retain experienced employees through the transition period.

Since Trump appointed Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and Tillerson spent his entire career in the oil business and has no government or diplomatic experience, you'd think both men would want seasoned employees around for a while as he learns the ropes.  You'd be wrong.

Also, several reports indicate that Tillerson is excluded from Trump's inner circle.
More than a month after he became America’s top diplomat, Rex Tillerson is like no other modern secretary of State: He’s largely invisible.
Trump's proposed budget includes a 37 per cent cut to the State Department budget.  Is the State Department and its secretary no longer relevant in TrumpAmerica?  Or will the department become a subsidiary of Trump, Inc., with Trump remaining as CEO, and Tillerson's position as...?


Russ Manley said...

As I pointed out on my blog yesterday, he is also proposing big cuts in the Coast Guard and the TSA, all the while planning that big border wall, a showpiece. It would suit Putin just fine to have our diplomats silenced all around the world, while leaving our sea and air approaches unguarded, now wouldn't it?

Trump is dismantling the country bit by bit, and how can anyone stop him, with a collaborating Congress in the hands of the Republicans?

It does seem to me that we have been defeated and handed over to the enemy, without a war being declared or a shot ever fired. What can anyone do to stop it, I wonder, and would the treatment be as bad as the disease?

June Butler said...

How will cutting the budgets of the Coast Guard and the TSA to build the wall make the country safer? It's madness.

Today Trump will sign an executive order to change the way the White House functions. Who knows what that's about?

The GOP majority Congress will not give us relief any time soon. What will be left of democracy and the institutions in our country when Trump is done?