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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


...taking refuge in my stuff, my collections. I thought I'd share.

Below are "hers" and "his" hats woven of palmetto by Marie Dean, a member of the Houma Indian tribe from Dulac, a small community south of Houma. Grandpère's hat is called a planter's hat. We wear them on special occasions, not for work in the garden.

The large basket with the handle pictured below was made by Sam Harris of the Harris family from split oak strips.

The basket on the left is woven of white oak by ____ Bradley, (the given name is worn off) a Native American Cherokee, and was on display for sale at the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. The fair was labeled a flop by the vicious local press, but it was actually quite nice. We visited several times and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The folklife area was great fun. The smear by the local newspapers and TV news, which soon spread throughout the country and the world, kept people from visiting the fair, so it ended up being a flop with respect to numbers of visitors and finally went bankrupt.

One benefit of the World's Fair was the revival of the Warehouse District in New Orleans, a mixed residential/commercial neighborhood. Many of the old warehouses, which were in a run-down condition before the fair, were converted into condominiums and offices and were followed by several fine restaurants in the area. I wouldn't mind living there myself.

The covered palmetto basket on the right is also the work of Marie Dean.

Admiring once again the fine workmanship in the hats and baskets, taking the pictures, and writing about them cheered me up quite a bit.


From TPM:

About that budget deal...
One of the hardest hit institutions is the Environmental Protection Agency, whose power Republicans have sought to curtail in recent years through a variety of legislative means. The agency will receive $1.6 billion less in funding than current levels, a 16 percent drop....

In addition to programs protecting the environment, programs aimed at boosting energy efficiency for power plants and transportation also were major targets.

Health care funding was a heavy target for the GOP, who secured just over $1 billion in cuts to programs preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, $600 million cuts to community health care centers, and $78 million to research on health care costs. Funding for health co-ops created under the Democrats' health care law was zeroed out.

Nonetheless, spending on education and other social programs made up a large portion of cuts -- Labor, Health, Education and related agencies were slashed by $5.5 billion with 55 programs eliminated.

Science research, which President Obama has touted as crucial to American competitiveness, was on the chopping block: National Science Foundation saw a $43 million cut in its research funding from its current levels but a major $444 million cut from the President's initial request.

Defense was not cut from current levels, instead increasing by $5 billion. FEMA first responder funding was cut by $786 million. Contributions to the U.N. and international organizations were cut by $377 million.

Read the rest and weep. We see what their priorities are.

Just the other day I received in the mail requests for contributions from President Obama for the kick-off of his 2012 campaign for president and from the Democratic National Committee. Hey, guys, I don't think so.

Monday, April 11, 2011


From Media Matters:
STEVE DOOCY: And the thing about it that was audacious was the fact that he [Sen. Harry Reid] was talking about Planned Parenthood being this great provider where women can get blood pressure checks, and pap smears, and breast --

BRIAN KILMEADE: Which you can get at Walgreens.

DOOCY: --examinations. Exactly right.

Where does Walgreen's do the paps and breast exams? Under the counter? In a back room? Right in the open on the floor of the store?

Who does the exams? The pharmacist? The manager? The clerk at checkout? The person who restocks the shelves?

But wait!
"Neither Walgreens, nor its in-store healthcare clinics, Take Care Clinics, offer pap smears or breast exams," Take Care Clinic spokeswoman Lauren Nestler told Media Matters after being emailed the segment.

The clinics, which are a subsidiary of Walgreens, offer health services like flu vaccines and blood pressure screening at 350 Walgreens stores.

What is your response to these lies?

a) Kill me now.
b) I'm leaving the country
c) I'm deeply depressed
d) Other

H/T to Atrios, who says this:
Nothing that's going on in Washington has anything to do with the deficit. People concerned with the deficit would be concerned with jobs. Also, too, nobody cares about the deficit.

And this:
It appears all the serious people believe the unemployment situation has been solved.

I suspect they're wrong.

And ain't that two mouthsful of truth?