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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hi everybody. I'm back home safe, but I won't say sound, as I am totally exhausted today and much the worse for wear. Plus, I have a million things to do and to catch up with.

I had a grand time in England, as I saw more of the beautiful country and touched base with old friends and met online friends for the first time face to face. I covered a great deal of territory in England, saving several times the purchase price of my senior rail ticket.

The trip over and the trip home were grueling beyond what I'd imagined, and I'm very glad to be home. I'll give more details later, but a great part of the difficulty is that I grow old, and everything is more stressful. Flying is (Excuse the expression!) shit, and I don't imagine getting on a plane any time soon.

Today, I'll be quite busy in my present state of exhaustion, so I'll have little time for the blog. I've opened the comments, and you know I like to respond, but forgive me if I offer few responses in the comments today .