Monday, January 21, 2008

Planning For Lambeth 2008

From the Guardian.

The 2008 Lambeth Conference officially opened today. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams announced that approximately 70% of the bishops of the Anglican Communion have accepted their invitations to the Lambeth Conference and that others have said that they plan to attend. According to the Guardian, much of the conversation at the meeting centered on homosexuality.

With all the dreadful problems facing us in our world today, it is amazing to me that homosexuality was the main topic of the conversation - truly amazing. War, famine, disease, global warming, all yield place to homosexuality.

Bishop Gene Robinson of the Diocese of New Hampshire, who is openly gay and partnered, has not, so far, been invited to Lambeth.

When asked if he had decided whether Robinson would attend, Williams replied: "Gene Robinson has not been invited to the Lambeth Conference and it is proving extremely difficult to see under what heading he might be invited to be around, and that is where we are.

My suggestion is that he be invited around as the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. I'd ask Archbishop Williams the reason for his exclusion!

Episcopal spouses will be well cared for under the direction of Jane Williams, wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Margaret Sentamu, wife of the Archbishop of York. They are promised more than "jam and Jerusalem, more tea vicar, or mitre-making and flower arranging".

Oh, well, that's all right, then.