Saturday, October 24, 2009

New York - St. Luke in the Fields And More

St. Luke in the Fields

On Sunday morning, during my recent visit to New York, I headed by taxi from Midtown to meet the other Doug, aka Counterlight, the artist, for my Anglo-Catholic fix at St. Luke in the Fields. TBTG that Doug attends the 11:15 service, because I am not an early morning person. Nestled in the midst of the city landscape in Greenwich Village, the church property includes a lovely garden, which Doug and I had time to tour before the church service began. The original church building dates to 1822, but the building burned twice, leaving only an old wall intact, which is visible from the garden. The most recent restoration greatly enlarged the sanctuary and includes a sacristy that any clergy, sacristan, or altar guild member would kill for.

The service, a sung Eucharist, was lovely. All was done decently and in order in Anglo-Catholic style, including incense. The music was especially beautiful, with an outstanding choir and organist. The service lasted close to two hours, but the time went quickly for me. At my church, wee St. John's, we are downright protestant in comparison, except for especially grand occasions and celebrations.

The church gave flu shots that morning, so I lined up with Doug and others from the church to get my flu shot. After our shots, Doug and I headed on foot with a group from the church, Mary, Peter, Laurel, Walter, and another gentleman whose name I do not remember (Sorry about that!) for Dublin 6, a nearby restaurant, for brunch. The delicious (and extended!) brunch and the company of the folks from St. Luke was delightful. We didn't leave the restaurant until 5:30 in the evening. It was altogether a wonderful day. Doug and I hoped to work in a visit to his studio on the Lower East Side, but we couldn't squeeze that in. I'm sorry I didn't get to Doug's studio to see his art first-hand, because he is a fine artist. Perhaps another time.

It was a great pleasure for me to finally meet Doug in real life, although I felt as if I already knew him from our many exchanges on blogs and emails. He is all that I thought he would be, and I thank him for a wonderful day. Even the weather cooperated.

Here we be, Doug and me.

If you're in the neighborhood and looking for a church to attend, Ship of Fools has a favorable report on St. Luke's by a mystery worshipper.