Thursday, September 9, 2010


Cathy's photo from the moving car
MadChauffer, where were we in the Highlands on the narrow road with mountains looming on both sides and the occasional lake round the bend when we had to say "Oooh!" and "Aaah!" on command? I have to use Cathy's pictures when I write, because I have none, because my camera did not work taking pictures from a moving car window. Can you send me a map with the approximate location of that ride? It was achingly beautiful.
And lo! MadChauffeur sent me the map with the arrow pointing to the road we traveled, the one-lane road with two-way traffic, which we sped along amidst the breathtaking views. We made a couple of stops, but not many. Cathy and I were careful to "Oooh!" and "Aaah!" at the proper time, when MadChauffeur raised one hand to point out the view, because we feared consequences of non-compliance, such as, "Get out of the car!" MC's other hand stayed on the wheel, TBTG.

(Not the correct map. See update below.)

To ride along with gorgeous mountains closing in on either side, with only the occasional break for a glimpse of a sparking blue lake was, for me, an indescribably joyful experience. I'm waxing lyrical, because the beauty was nearly beyond what I could bear. I love mountains, and I've visited quite a few mountainous areas. The Highlands are right up there with the best I've seen.

Another photo by Cathy from the moving car

Although stopping places were few and far between along much of the road, we passed a small number of areas with parking, but our driver did not stop. Finally, we paused to stretch our legs, and, I'd guess, to give the driver a bit of a rest. The man can drive.

Below is a picture of Cathy taking a picture of the beautiful landscape. We seemed to do quite a bit of snapping away at one of the others snapping away.

Keep in mind that for much of the ride that day, and every day, so long as MadChauffeur drove, the sound of soul music filled the car.

Look below. I have tears in my eyes, as I type. Ah, it was beautiful.


I hand it to MadChauffeur. He stopped for the deer, as you see below...


...and for the waterfall.


At the pub where we stopped for supper, I ordered a wild boarburger, which was quite tasty, but too large for me to clean my plate. Nevertheless, I chose to share a dessert with Cathy, but she'll have to say what we ordered, because I've forgotten.

From right outside the pub, last, but not least, what you've all been waiting for, a photo of a Rowan tree.


The perfect end to a perfect day, yes?

UPDATE: I'm clearer now on where we were when we took the ride that was, to me, the most beautiful of all. It seems that MadChauffeur sent me the wrong map. Not that the scenery wasn't beautiful where the arrow points on the map he sent me, but that was not the place I referenced in my email. Below are Google maps showing the area around Glencoe to which I referred and the location of the pub where we ate supper. Thanks to Cathy for her help in getting the location right.



The Clachaig Inn where we ate supper.