Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leeds Parish Church

On Sunday, the day before I left, I attended a sung Eucharist at
Leeds Parish Church, the big Anglican church in the city, with Erika and Susan. The night of our gathering the two of them stayed at Haley's Hotel where I stayed. May I say what a pleasure it was to meet Susan and Erika in real life? I wish we'd had more time to visit, but I'm pleased we had what time we had.

I wanted to link directly to the history page of Leeds Parish Church, but the hosts want you to visit the home page first. Click on "Back to History" on the home page, and that will take you there.

We had to park a good distance away, after a rather long ride round and round the road that circles the City Centre in Leeds. From the circle, you can see the place where you want to go, but the difficulty is in finding the right exit from the circle to actually get to where you want to go.

After we parked the car, as we approached the church on foot, we heard change ringing. What a delightful surprise! The first and only other time that I heard change ringing was at St. Martin in the Fields in London, quite by accident. I was so excited, and I knew what it was that I was hearing, because I had read THE BOOK on the subject, The Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers.

Listen to one of the peals from Leeds Parish Church. Isn't it lovely? It sounds like angel music to me. I suppose that some of you folks in England take the pleasure of change ringing for granted, but try to imagine my excitement in hearing it for only the second time in my long life.

Erika, Susan, and I were seated by the very nice lady usher in a place of honor directly across from the pulpit, pictured above. We were somewhat awed and a bit concerned that someone would ask us to move to a lower place, but that never happened. The service was lovely with the men's and boys' choirs doing the honors.

Below is a picture of Erika and Susan after the service, standing in front of the very pew where we were seated.

After church, they headed south toward home near Bristol, and I went back to the hotel for a farewell lunch with the Doorman-Priest family.