Sunday, August 29, 2010


From the island of Mull, the mad three went by ferry to Ulva, where we took a boat ride to the Isle of Staffa and around Tresnish Isles. Below are a few of my pictures from the trip. As usual, click on the pictures to see the larger view.


The "Hoy Lass", our boat to the islands.


The sign in the loo, which I could not resist documenting for its cleverness and humor in strongly making its points.


Cormorants and one sea gull on a rock.


The fin of a basking shark.


Gorgeous scenery along the way.


The view from on high on the Isle of Staffa.

Fingal's Cave from Cathy's Facebook pictures. I did not make the descent to the cave, because the way looked tricky for an old lady. Cathy and MadChauffeur went and said it was wonderful. Now I wish I had gone.

If you are a Facebook friend of Cathy, you can see several sets of great pictures from our travels posted there.


A rock pool near Staffa, which I found enchanting.

The wake of the boat as we made our way back to Ulva.

All arrangements for the excursion were made by MadChauffeur. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy being IN CHARGE throughout the entire time he traveled with Cathy and me.