Saturday, August 28, 2010



A beauty, yes? While we were on the Isle of Skye, Cathy stopped our car to photograph sheep in the field. It seems that my friend can't get enough of photographing sheep. Sharing the field with the sheep was the beautiful horse pictured above. When we approached the fence, she (I believe) came to us.


That's Cathy's arm and hand in the picture above. Beauty (my name for her) seemed eager for our touch. We both patted and stroked her, and she seemed to revel in the affection.


Beauty was eating the grass over on my side of the fence, and I pulled the grass and began to feed her. Very gently, she took the grass from me with her velvety lips and ate. Well, I suppose it doesn't take much for me to find magic, because surely having Beauty eat from my hand was a magical moment on the Isle of Skye.

The top and bottom pictures are Cathy's, and the middle photo is mine.