Monday, April 28, 2008

Gayle - A Remembrance


Why Couldn't You Stay?

You walked away; you left us
Bereft, bereaved.
How could you go?
It wasn't your doing,
I know, I know.
Yet, how could you go?

Two years passed and gone,
Slipped away.
After you left, I'd think
I'll call her; I'll email.
Oh no! None of that!
You won't answer.

Now I know you're gone.
No thoughts of visits to come,
Seeing your face, hearing your voice,
The sound of your laughter.
Sadness lingers, emptiness remains.
Why couldn't you stay?

June Butler - 04-27-08

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the death of my sister, Gayle, from pancreatic cancer. I still miss her. The picture above was taken on the grounds of the Tower of London during a trip we made together. I stopped to take a picture as we headed to see the Norman chapel inside the White Tower. Gayle walked on and I caught her in the picture. For her memorial service, we searched for pictures to include in a small display, and I found this one - Gayle walking away from all of us who loved her. I have it framed and on my mantle. For me, it says it all.