Wednesday, November 13, 2013


While I was in England, my friend Erika took me on a day trip by car through the Black Mountains to the town of Hay-on Wye in northeastern Wales.   In a later post, I will show my pictures of the town.

The mountains are hills, as my friend Kevin, who lives near the Cascades, reminded me, but not by name.  Whatever - the scenes are beautiful, as you see from the pictures.

The beauty of Wales is one of Britain's well-kept secrets, at least it was to me. I had no idea of the loveliness of the country until our visit.

The photo shows plainly a few of the many crevices in the rocky hills.

The animal in the photo is a wild horse. Erika hoped we would see a herd of horses, but one is better than none.  Though if I remember correctly, there may have been another horse in view but too far away to capture in the same picture.