Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Couldn't Take The Green

Sorry, folks, I couldn't look at the green any longer. I stand with the Iranian protesters in their struggle, and I made my statement, but I could no longer stand looking at the green background.


Марко Фризия said...

Along with you and other people of good will, I feel tremendous solidarity with the people of Iran. But I couldn't get into a lot of advocacy for them on my blog (using green, etc.). As an American I feel embarrassed because Americans, who are quick to call for fair elections in Iran, didn't raise enough of a fuss when George W. Bush was declared "winner" in 2000 under such questionable circumstances. Of course, I would never advocate violence or vandalism. But I wish we could have had massive protests in 2000 in the USA, to the extent that we could have shut the country down. After the last eight years in the USA, I don't know if Americans have any right to offer a critique democratic processes in Iran.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Mark, you're right, of course. Don't forget that our leader, Al Gore, gave in rather quickly. He had no stomach for the fight.

I used the green to stand with the brave people of Iran. In my heart, I am with them. Nevertheless, I realize that it was but a feeble gesture.

Марко Фризия said...

I wasn't putting you down or anything. I think you did the right thing by showing solidarity on your blog. And, like Al Gore, I think John Kerry caved in too quickly, too. Gore and Kerry let us all down. There were plenty of irregularities in Ohio in 2004. I think everyone who showed some solidarity with the people of Iran is to be commended (even by simple gestures on their blogs). I have been turned off by some Republican leaders who seem to be suddenly "getting religion" over fair voting practices and human rights. None of this seemed to matter to them in the USA where we have illegitimate federal elections and where we have practiced torture. I think the people of Iran have held a mirror up to us in the West. I am a little bit of a hypocrite. I really wasn't willing to engage in civil disobedience and get arrested in 2000. I finally took part in protests against the Iraq war and engaged in civil disobedience (getting arrested in the process) in 2004. I am willing to go to jail again if it would prevent another GOP coup in the USA.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I still have the green going at my blog...but, GREEN is my favorite color and I love all shades of it...I´m not tired yet but I do like to keep my colors lively, afterally, I´ve never met a color I didn´t like. The interior of my condo in Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico was always versions of green and filled with palms and innergarden at home is has all dark green walls on two floors...I live and breath is good for us too!

BRAVO Iranian protestors...Dictators treating citizens like dirt has a familiar ring to it...abuse, exploitation, demoralization...there are many ways to be raped.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Mark, the Republicans are nuts. The Iranian people don't want the US meddling. We would harm the movement if it came to be seen as driven by us.

Leo, Blogger doesn't have a green that I like. I love color, too, but I like my blog background color to be restful.

Марко Фризия said...

I remember that John McCain joked about "Bomb, Bomb Iran." Now he is acting like Gandhi and speaking about his "solidarity with Iranians" (the same people he joked about bombing). If Iran is attacked, innocent civilians will pay the price (not the leadership who will be in a safe bunker). I do hope that the media coverage of Iran (and their brave demonstrations) makes it much more difficult for people who have advocated war against Iran (as a faceless enemy). I have a feeling that Israel under Netanyahu would love to preemptively strike Iran, but they would need tacit U.S. assent and cooperation to attack (and I don't think Obama will give that). I love color, too. I did get a little burned out on "olive drab green" in the Army. My favorite shade of green is Bermuda Teal (which some might argue is a shade of blue). I am not the best writer and I hope I haven't caused any offense or insult to anyone about what bloggers have done to support Iran. I was expressing my ambivalence about my own hypocrisy and past apathy. I actually feel sort of impotent and powerless to offer any concrete help to the people of Iran. I have been praying a lot for them, going to church and lighting candles for them at odd hours of the day. I imagine that any simple gesture of solidarity from American bloggers has to make Iranians feel like we are really on their side and that we care about them. I have a feeling that many Iranians are embarrassed by their Admandinejad. I was very embarrassed by George Bush, so I know how they must be feeling and how frustrated they must be.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Mark, no offense given and none taken.

Believe it or not, there was a time when I had some respect for McCain. The day the respect died was when I saw the picture of him hugging Bush after the Bush people slimed him so nastily in South Carolina with their push-poll telephone calls.

Paul said...

The green was a bit harder on the eyes - though theoretically it shouldn't be - and I welcome the restful ivory shade now. We all share a sense of wishing we could do more in solidarity with the people of Iran and you, Mimi, are to be commended for the instinctive reaction of your great heart. Perhaps the solidarity we ought to have shown was to take to the streets and shut the US down in 2000, demanding that all the votes be counted and putting the actually elected person into the White House, but we didn't, to our collective shame. I grumbled, was horrified and angry, but that was as far as I went. As we approached 2004 I became vocal online and read as much as I could, only to watch it stolen again. We are in no position to do anything but admire the Iranians who risk their lives to speak out. (And we tolerated "free speech zones"!!!???

International meddling is the last thing we should do right now, given our history with Iran. It would only play into the hands of those in power.

And we continue to wish we could do something.

We do pray.

And share information.

And honor the brave.

And pray some more.

Arkansas Hillbilly said...


I just made a green patch to put in the sidebar. That way I can still keep the support up and save on the eyestrain.