Saturday, December 19, 2009

Louisiana Is First In Something Good!

From USA today:

A CDC released a four-year, 1.3 million-person study on happiness: Apparently the happiest Americans are in Louisiana, while the Empire State (N.Y.) is leaving people least satisfied.

If you compare the ranking of happiest states to the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey, is it interesting that New York has almost double the people who report "no religion" as Louisiana (14% vs. 8%)? Or not, since Florida, which ranked third in happiness, tied with New York for "Nones"?

The list is here.

Ranking No. 1 in happiness was Louisiana, home of Dixieland music and Cajun/Creole cooking.

Now I understand why I'm always ecstatic! The music and the food surely don't hurt. Check for religion. I'd have thought the percentage of folks who claim to be religious would be higher in Louisiana, but perhaps I misjudge the numbers of young people who are dropping out.

What a surprise! Louisiana usually ranks at the bottom in good qualities and at the top in worst qualities.

Thanks to Ann, and I read the good news in the paper yesterday.


  1. "Feeling rotten and making everyone else miserable is every New Yorker's God given right!" -- anonymous cab driver.

  2.      Yes, I saw that article and thought of you! I'm just glad Nevada wasn't dead last. We always seeem to be at the top of lists you don't want to be on, or at the bottom of those you do.

  3. Counterlight, then you and your friends are not true New Yorkers.

    Rick, I know the feeling. The results of the survey were quite a surprise.

  4. And SC in there at #6. No accounting. Does pellagra release endorphins?

  5. Congrats! Having the best young governor in the nation is probably a contributing factor to the happiness stats in LA.

  6. Jim! Now I see where you're coming from. You should live here in Louisiana. A rather large group of Jindal's most avid supporters in his run for governor, including my son, don't like him any more. They think he does not know what he is doing. The state is in dire financial troubles, and our governor spends a good bit of time traveling around the country to raise money for his next gubernatorial run. The entire country cares whether he will be reelcted. Heh, heh.

    As for me, I knew he would be a disaster. Did you watch his speech in response to the SOTU? bad.

    Did you know that Jindal participated in an exorcism when he was at Brown University? That could be a handy skill if things get much worse here.

  7. Seems that participating in an exorcism might get him extra votes in LA! Anyway, I read on NOLA.COM that Jindal's approval rating published on July 22, 2009 was 55%. . .11 pts higher in the same poll than Barack Obama in LA and 12 pts higher than U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu. Sounds like Bobby is headed to re-election. . .:)

  8. Jim, it could happen. You're not my cousin Tommy using a pseudonym, are you? You write just like him.

  9. Oh. I forgot to ask you, Jim. What kind of health insurance do you have? People want to know!

  10. "People want to know" what kind of health insurance I have? Gee, what voyeurs you got hanging around. I use United Health Care. . .I believe it's the largest. They keep going up on co-pays and deductibles like everyone else. But they don't deny coverage as much as Medicare (so I've been told).

  11. Jim, so then, you're eligible for Medicare, the public option, but you choose another insurer. I'm told that a good many others would welcome such a choice. That's the kind of bill I would have wanted to see passed, a single payer system having been ruled out. And now the public option is ruled out. It would be only an option, you know. No one would be forced into the program. You want to deny others what you have. I'd want others to have what I have.

    I've used Medicare for 10 years, and I've never been denied coverage, but that's me.

  12. Medicare denies certain treatment options and denies payments for many patients. . .that's my undersanding. The "public option" was the "camel's nose in the tent" option . . .first the nose then the body with human bodies out. It would have cut out competitors, since no one could sucessfully compete with on the cost of a service give by the government. The end result would be a government monopoly with ever rising costs to the public. . .with less funding available for other public programs. This is why many economists saw it as a very bad idea.

  13. Jim, I don't know anyone who is not happy with Medicare.

    Not everyone agrees that the public option would kill off the health insurance monsters, not that I'd care. Crikey! Even in England with their totally "socialized medicine", health insurance companies are still in business. Not all economists see the public option as a bad idea. You agree with the experts who agree with you. In my opinion, you and folks like you are selfish. I have mine, and I don't want to share. The hell with folks who are hurting and dying.

    We could go on forever with the back and forth, but neither of us is saying anything new, and we are basically talking past each other. What's the point?

  14. Congratulations on Louisiana's standing. I was surprised that Maine was number 10. That's the highest of any of the northern states. Of course I like the place.

    WV=pifisse on the politicians who are royally screwing up health care.

  15. Okay, so a minority of economists like Paul Krugman would favor a "public option" leading to a single payer system. A plurality. .and most likely a majority. . .would oppose it, like my undergraduate economics professor. The point? The policy that would guarantee the highest quality, with the most access and affordability, for the most number of people. . .with provisions for treating those who are not being treated. Destroying the quality of the present system does not do that and is not "compassionate" no matter what paint brush you use to disguise it. The old Soviet Constitution also guaranteed a "right to health care," but the cardiac treatment center for Moscow's central hospital was located on the 6th floor. . .accessible only by stairs to the average Russian. Whoops, that sounds like Glen Beck talking. England? If you're over 55 and need dialysis where do you turn? Here there are dialysis clinics all over the country. And still we have those who resist preventive medical treatment and education for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients. Go figure.


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