Friday, April 30, 2010


The honorable mention goes to

The United Kingdom


followed closely by...

The United States of America


and then...



but, 3rd Place must go to...



it was very close but the runner up prize

was awarded to....



but the winner of the husband/partner of the year is...

Ireland, ya gotta love the Irish

The Irish are true romantics. Look, he's even

holding her hand....


My readers will hear a good deal about the oil spill in the near future, and I'm quite concerned about what will be, indeed is already, a tragedy of huge proportions, but I needed a humor break, and thanks to Ann, here is my offering.


  1. Delicious...

    ... but I don't suppose any of this has been "staged" ;=)

  2. I think a rousing chorus of "Stand by your man" should accompany this gallery.
    Mimi, God love you for the smiles amidst the tragedy...

  3. I've seen that Greece picture before. It's brilliant. You can't really see it but he clearly feels that he obviously shouldn't be carrying that big bundle of sticks because he needs one hand free for his fag.

    Poland is equally as good.

  4. Göran, I don't know about staging. I don't research the jokes or funny pictures. I gets 'em, and I posts 'em as is.

    Thank you, Tobias. The humor breaks save what's left of my sanity.

    Men, indeed!

    Cathy, I'm relieved that the Polish guy is not getting wet, and what the hey! - the guys need their fags.


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