Thursday, September 16, 2010


Queen Elizabeth looks rather grim, and she is not wearing black.

From the News Blog at the Guardian - random quotes:

So far we haven't seen much of the pope's celebrated private secretary Georg Gänswein otherwise known as Gorgeous Georg. But a picture has emerged of Georg helping the pope with unruly cassock blowing in the wind.

So after the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, got mistaken for the head of the Church of Scotland at the Edinburgh welcoming party, where was the man in question the Rt Rev Christie?

Site crew at the location for the Pope's visit in Birmingham are spraying the grass a brighter shade of green. This is at the taxpayers' expense.

There's no red carpet (it's too windy) but there are two rows of pipers dressed in kilts and lots of grinning clergy. The 83-year-old pope walks carefully down the airline steps and is greeted by the 89-year-old Duke. The pope's white cape briefly blows into his face. The pope didn't kiss the tarmac.

The quotes go backward in time sequence, with the earliest quotes last.