Tuesday, September 7, 2010


From the Borowitz Report:

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (The Borowitz Report) - A rabid Doberman Pinscher jumped on stage at a Tea Party rally in Missouri on Labor Day and barked at the crowd for nearly twenty minutes before people realized he was not a candidate.

The dog, later identified by its owner as "Mister Buster," held the crowd spellbound as he barked, growled, and frothed at the mouth, eventually receiving a standing ovation for his exertions.

Please read the rest at the link above.

I receive the "Borowitz Report" in my email. I'm not sure if Borowitz allows excerpts from the report to be quoted, but I may soon find out. Borowitz has given me many a good laugh as a morning pick-me-up.


susan s. said...

He's effing hilarious and spot on, many times. I am so glad I signed on for the email and friended, liked(whatever) on Facebook.

VW=fgqrconc. I'm sure it's a dirty Welsh word!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Susan, he's good. Now I'll forever think of the Tea Partiers as barking dogs.