Friday, January 14, 2011


January and February are months of high maintenance for me. Routine doctors' appointments, medical tests, and dental visits seem to pile up during the period, and, along with Grandparents' Day at the schools of two of my grandchildren, will keep me/us on the run for the next few weeks.

The weather here has been quite cold (for us!), with temperatures two nights running down into the 20s F. I know you heartier types, who have REALLY COLD WEATHER and snow storms to deal with, scoff at my moans about cold weather, but we are not at all accustomed to below freezing temperatures.

Yesterday, when I went to the doctor's office at 9:30 AM, the temperature was just at freezing. When I returned home about an hour later, the temp was still freezing and felt much colder due to a strong north wind.

A good many plants outside, along with the lawn, are now dead. The trees are bare, except for the evergreens. Altogether the landscape is dreary, but for the evergreens, which give us a bit of relief from the dead and brown. The photo above shows rather more green than I would have expected, with the pines and the oaks providing color. The green you see on the front lawn are weeds, not grass.


Cathy said...

Mimi, the details of what's happening with your family and you are never boring.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Cathy, you are TOO kind. Definitely TOO kind.

At least, since I took the picture, the sun has peeped out to relieve the bleakness, and it's warmed up a bit, too.

kishnevi said...

Mimi, why are you being so hard on the weeds? It's so un-inclusive of you! The weeds are just doing what comes naturally to them and you are condemning them for it!

Allow me to take my tongue out of my cheek before I go on.

Seriously, I once read (and I'm sorry I can't remember who the writer was) that the idea of weeds is something that is man made.

Weeds are simply vegetation that we humans think should be there. We don't want it there, so it's a weed. But on its own it's just a plant, placed there by Mother Nature.

And just remember that there's only nine weeks until spring!

BTW, in your next prayer post, please remember what's going on in Brazil. The mudslides there are probably at least as bad as anything going on Australia or Sri Lanka.

kishnevi said...

Weeds are simply vegetation that we humans think should be there

I meant, should not be there

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go find my copy of Proofreading for Dummies.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Kishnevi, the reason I mentioned the weeds was to make it clear that all the grass was dead.

In these day of disappearing sources of energy, the concept of vast areas of lawns seem a kind of madness to me. We should be encouraging homeowners and businesses to find an alternative ground cover that does not need mowing but would, at the same time, restrain wild, out-of-control growth of vegetation.