Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The King James, or Authorised, Version of the Bible remains the most widely published text in the English language. It has been called the "noblest monument of English prose" and has been recognised for centuries as both a religious and literary classic.

In the first of three programmes marking the 400th anniversary of its publication, James Naughtie tells the story of how and why King James VI of Scotland and I of England decided on a new translation of the Bible.

The programme is recorded at Hampton Court Palace.

In the beginning of the program, Naughtie says that the ideal way to approach Hampton Court Palace is from the Thames River, and that's exactly what Grandpère and I did during our romantic first visit to England in 1982.

The first episode of the program is excellent. For the next 6 days, you can listen to the program at BBC Radio 4. Don't miss it.

H/T to Suem at Significant Truths via Lapin.

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UPDATE: Here's the link to access all three parts of the BBC 4 series on the King James Bible.