Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The weather here is terrible, with hard rain falling and a heavy wind blowing. I'm spending the greater part of the day watching rental movies, because the films are due back today, and I hate paying fines. It's a thing with me.

I'm weary of thinking and writing about the Anglican Communion, the Anglican Covenant, and Anglican primates. I'll take a break, maybe short, maybe long, and the Anglican world will continue to turn whether or not I take note and be little or not at all affected by my refusal to take note.

I'll report back on the movies, but I will probably not do my usual full-fledged, professional review of either film. One good movie down and one to go, and then a quick trip to Blockbuster for the returns.


Ann said...

You should subscribe to NetFlix - no late fees - watch them off the interet

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ann, my favorite place to watch movies is in a dark movie theater. There's no beating the mystique of the theater with no distrations. I grew up at the movies, almost literally, three times a week, for quite a number of years.

My next favorite place is in a comfortable chair or sofa on my DVD player. I don't like watching movies on my computer - no comfortable chair or couch from which to watch. I gather there's a way to get internet movies on the TV, but I have not explored that path yet. Technology moves too fast for me to keep up. I don't quite have the hang of the DVD player remote yet.

BooCat said...

You can order DVDs from Netflix and return them, at will, with no late fees and the postage is free to you in both directions. You can also stream movies through your computer or a receiver right into your television and still see them in your comfortable chair. It is a great way to go.

it's margaret said...

enjoy your break Grandmere --well deserved. --and it's not a break if you have to learn something new --so, I'm all for the blockbuster routine.

Mind the wind and rain though.

Grandmère Mimi said...

BooCat, I'm looking into the mailing service of Netflix. Our TV sets are pretty old, so I don't know if streaming would work on them. We wait until our stuff wears out, rather than buy the latest technology. We didn't buy a DVD player until we couldn't get movies on video any longer.

margaret, thanks for your permission to leave the computer. :-)

The wind and rain are gone, and the cold weather is moving in.