Monday, April 11, 2011


From Media Matters:
STEVE DOOCY: And the thing about it that was audacious was the fact that he [Sen. Harry Reid] was talking about Planned Parenthood being this great provider where women can get blood pressure checks, and pap smears, and breast --

BRIAN KILMEADE: Which you can get at Walgreens.

DOOCY: --examinations. Exactly right.

Where does Walgreen's do the paps and breast exams? Under the counter? In a back room? Right in the open on the floor of the store?

Who does the exams? The pharmacist? The manager? The clerk at checkout? The person who restocks the shelves?

But wait!
"Neither Walgreens, nor its in-store healthcare clinics, Take Care Clinics, offer pap smears or breast exams," Take Care Clinic spokeswoman Lauren Nestler told Media Matters after being emailed the segment.

The clinics, which are a subsidiary of Walgreens, offer health services like flu vaccines and blood pressure screening at 350 Walgreens stores.

What is your response to these lies?

a) Kill me now.
b) I'm leaving the country
c) I'm deeply depressed
d) Other

H/T to Atrios, who says this:
Nothing that's going on in Washington has anything to do with the deficit. People concerned with the deficit would be concerned with jobs. Also, too, nobody cares about the deficit.

And this:
It appears all the serious people believe the unemployment situation has been solved.

I suspect they're wrong.

And ain't that two mouthsful of truth?


susan s. said...

I choose A.

I linked to Media Matters on my Facebook, citing you but not linking here. I just can't believe what an idiot Kilmeade is!

VW = revigm. . . I wonder if that is where the look for the pap smear!

Grandmère Mimi said...

susan, the stupid is hard to bear. How many women will go to Walgreen's asking for their free pap smear or breast exam?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I can't get Walgreens in Cambridge to give my my allergy shot.

Honest to Pete! Misogyny is a social disease that destroys brain cells.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Elizabeth, even allowing that the clip is from Faux News, the mind boggles.

Does Walgreen's do prostate exams?

Padre Mickey said...

I think if you have the right coupons you can get the breast exam AND a pap smear, two for one.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, that's good to know. I will start saving my coupons. I want the two for one.

Porlock Junior said...

And if you have the Special Exclusive Coupon, you can get the Pap smear and the prostate ex--- no no no, I didn't say that, it must have been somebody else.

Grandmère Mimi said...

No, Porlock, you didn't say that. :-)