Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Many of you have heard me moan about my creaky old computer. We need to buy a new machine, and, for me, it's not the expense so much as the bother of starting over on a new computer and learning its ways. When we purchase a new computer, the hard drive of the old machine will be cleaned and will belong to Grandpère, and we won't have to argue over who gets to use the computer. He won't have nearly the amount of information on his computer as I have, so the old one with my stuff removed should serve him quite well.

Lately, the old girl (our computer is a girl) has been running extremely slowly. I'd noticed that when I downloaded the latest version of Firefox that AVG Secure Search came up on the right of my toolbar. When I tried to remove the AVG add-on, the entire toolbar disappeared. What I did not know is that AVG Secure Search had been made my default search engine. Still it bugged me having it there, because I didn't want what I thought was an unnecessary add-on. I went online to the forums to try to find a fix, and the instructions were either so complicated that I couldn't follow them, or they called for a download to remove the function, so I still had no solution, because I'm wary of downloads which I know nothing about.

Hurray!!! Yesterday, I found the solution myself, and it was quite simple. There was a tiny arrow next to the the words "AVG Secure Search" in the search bar in the right hand corner of the toolbar. When I clicked on the tiny arrow (the very, very tiny arrow), a drop-down menu appeared, and that's when I discovered that AVG Secure Search had become my default search engine. When I changed to Google and deleted AVG Secure Search as a choice, my computer speeded up amazingly. AVG Security has served me well for a couple of years, but this sneaky bit of adjustment to my computer, which I neither wanted or needed, annoyed me beyond measure. I hate it when any program clandestinely loads my computer with functions that I don't want or need. Take note, AVG Security!