Monday, May 2, 2011


From the Daily Mail:
The secret identities of two nuns who took pride of place next to Prince William and his new wife at the Royal Wedding have been unveiled.

They were seen by two billion people around the world, looking on demurely as William and Kate listened to prayers during the service.

But despite their unassuming appearance, rumours began to surface that one of the women was a secret 'ninja nun' intended to protect the Royal couple, after she was pictured wearing black trainers.

Speculation was rife that the taller nun, wearing Reebok Classics with her traditional habit, was on hand to pounce on any intruders.

One internet user wrote: 'I guess they were undercover agents, MI5.'

But today she has been revealed to be Sister Annaliese Brogden - a 52-year-old nun from the Community of the Sisters of the Church.

Her identity was disclosed by her bemused father Geoffrey Brogden who said she always wore trainers - no matter what the occasion.

Ninja nuns. MI5. How silly! Sr Annaliese wears exactly the brand and color trainers that I wear when I want to dress up from my white trainers - say when I'm wearing dark colored slacks, and the dirty white trainers would stand out. I don't wear the trainers on every occasion, say with skirts and dresses, but I'd like to.
The 80-year-old [father] from Needham Market, Suffolk, said: ' She has her trainers on most of the time because she finds them the most comfortable things to wear.

' She has always worn them and I am sure she thought they were the most appropriate thing to wear at the wedding.

Brava! I wish I had Sr Annaliese's moxy. Don't believe me about the trainers? See mine below.

She [Sr Annaliese] was made a chaplain at the Abbey after spending 12 years at St Paul's Church, Bristol. She has played an important role in several high-profile events.

So there!


  1. They were called 'sensible shoes' and they didn't need to be expensive. They just needed to be black!

    So they WERE Sisters of the Church.I thought I recognized the habit.

  2. Mimi, you've got plenty of moxie.

  3. I agree, Mimi. You would be able to rise to the occasion, with or without your trainers, should there be danger to any princess in your charge. I don't doubt it for a minute.

    And who says she's NOT an MI5 agent? What a great cover, being a nun as well. I'm taking careful note. At the very least she is probably a member of the Church Ladies' Handbag Brigade.

  4. Muthah+, you were indeed right about the order of nuns. Yes, the black Reeboks are sensible shoes for all occasions if you're a nun. Why not? The shoes are black.

    Penny, I thought I'd made a grave spelling error, but it seems the word can be spelled "moxy" or "moxie". Either way, thank you for the kind words.

    Mary Clara, I don't sprint the way I once did, even in my trainers.

    You're right. Who's to say the good sister is not MI5? Was James Bond ever undercover as a nun?

  5. Should you need some Moxie, I'd be happy to ship some down! It's quite popular here in Maine.

  6. Wade, send the moxie on down. One can never have too much moxie.

  7. It is perfectly consistent within the operating policies of our secret services for a person to be both "a 52-year-old nun from the Community of the Sisters of the Church" and a Ninja nun M15 operative. She could well be what the Church of England term an NSS (a non-stipendary spy).

  8. MadPriest, if there's such a thing as a stipendary spy priest, an SSP, you could look into that. I'm sure MI5 would arrange the bishop.

  9. I would have to become a double agent as, at the moment, I am sure I am regarded as an enemy of the state. My friendship with you doesn't help. Tarred with the same brush, I am.


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