Saturday, December 17, 2011


From Mother Jones:
After Bishop Packard tumbled over the fence, he climbed onto a wooden bench and waved for the crowd to follow. Other priests mounted the ladder while the the crowd yanked up the base of the fence to make a large opening. Someone cut the lock on a gate, and dozens of people streamed inside, talking, dancing to rap music from a boom box, and urging the rest of the crowd to join them. But the party couldn't last. The police, taken off guard at first, came pouring through the gate with flex cuffs and arrested everyone who didn't flee, including Packard. I personally witnessed about a half dozen arrests in progress, but the final tally will probably be higher.
God bless Bishop Packard! What a mensch!

Mass arrests of Occupiers.

Pray for those who were arrested. Pray for the police.

Thanks to Ann Fontaine at Facebook.