Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just unbelievable! Granted they only have 20 women in their camp and even less minorities, but this is UNDENIABLE, IN YOUR FACE the party of rich white men! SICKENING! House GOP Committee Chairs Will All Be White Men In Next Congress.  The Huffington Post.
Not even one.  Not even a token minority or woman chairperson.  Are Republican politicians teachable? 


  1. They don't wonder why they lost, the assume someone "other" is to blame and feel themselves to be the victims of theft, affirmative action, feminists, "political correctness" and heathens ... they actually think of themselves as put upon and aggrieved. What they never do is try to acknowledge or understand that they benefit from culturally & socially biased "preferences" that are habitual (meaning many people never think of them or even notice them until they are challenged by those without those benefits) ... this "angry white men" thing is a false argument used to justify the re-fortification of white male dominance, a fear tactic of the few to rile up and motivate a whole lot of white men with insecurity issues ... most of the men (not just white) that I know find they enjoy not having the huge pressure of being the sole provider for a family, like having options other than "traditional" masculine behavior (which they see as ridiculously limiting), really really like the freedoms they got from the feminist revolution (like not automatically being trapped into a marriage or being truly scummy toward a woman they liked enough to want to be with because of an unintended pregnancy), and they get that to be respected one must treat others with respect. The lack of respect the GOP practices regularly is a core problem for them ... and looks like they will continue to be completely clueless despite their occasional foray into tokenism (ie. Michael Steele as party chair, Sen. Rubio, and a few other folks trotted out for show) ... the whole thing makes me sad some days ... today I'm just re-disgusted by it all.

    1. The lack of respect the GOP practices regularly is a core problem for them...

      Indeed that is true. And the GOP white men scream the loudest about entitlements, along with their women afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome.

    2. So, so clueless. And it's unfortunate that these dinosaurs fully constitute one of only two viable parties in our country. If the GOP can't recreate itself, or if another credible party doesn't rise, we really will have no productive political dialogue in our country.

    3. Yes, Prairie Soul, we once had a viable two-party system. Look at the Republicans now braying about Susan Rice's testimony at the UN, which has nothing to do with anything.

  2. The proof is in the picture here, it seems.


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