Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Bach's most famous organ piece, with a bar-graph score.

Beautiful music.  The visual bar-graph score is fascinating to watch.

H/T to margaret.


  1. How cool. For those of us who had piano lessons liberally interspersed with various Sonatina exercises, this graphic breaks it all down to a simple familiar structure. In principle this could be easily mastered technically, but in my case, still not make it real music if I were to play it. Thanks for the insight. I never really noticed that before, certainly never heard it that way, I'm clearly a visual learner! And hence not a musician.

  2. This is one of my favorite pieces of music and I love these graphics for it! I could listen to this over and over again, and this is a fun way to "see" it.

  3. The bar-graph visual is a splendid idea. I've watched and listened over and over.

    I took piano lessons as a child, but I could never master coordinating my two hands. A friend recently told me that she thought I may have ADD. She is not a mental health expert, but ADD would explain much about things in my life that I've found difficult over the years.

  4. You're welcome, Elizabeth. I listened again. Splendid!

  5. This is wonderful, Mimi. I was particularly fascinated by how clearly it shows how a fugue really works.

    1. Bill, I've lost count of how many times I've played the video. It's wonderful.


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