Sunday, January 6, 2013



Click on the cartoon for the larger view.

H/T to Echidne of the Snakes.


  1. Wonderful. Mimi! I stole this to send far and wide!

  2. Be my guests, my friends. People need to know.

  3. Defend the the Second Amendment. It stands between the we the people and the tyranny of any totalitarianism. After all, the people who ratified the amendment actually put it to practice against tyranny before they ratified it.

    1. Christopher, I do not defend the 2nd amendment as it's interpreted today. When the amendment was ratified, the guns were muskets, which had to be reloaded, shot by shot, and it was man against man. Do you think anyone or any group would have a chance against the federal government? I don't care how many automatic weapons or how huge a stockpile of ammunition they have, who would have a chance against the weapons of the federal government? Sorry, I can't agree with you.


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