Thursday, February 28, 2013


The Tyler Morning Telegraph has learned that a Van Independent School District employee accidentally was shot during a district-sponsored concealed handgun license class on Wednesday.

The class was part of an effort to permit teachers to carry firearms on VISD campuses.

[School board member Leslie] Goode would not disclose the identity of the employee or the nature of the injury, but did say the accident would not change his mind about a recent decision by the board to arm some teachers.
Thank heaven the person was not killed or badly wounded.  Sadly, I fear this is not the last of this kind of story we are likely to hear as the push for guns in schools continues.

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  1. Given the unrealistic expectations already piled on to teachers and the stresses of the job, I suspect the story we will hear fairly soon is the one about the teacher who flips out and shoots a predictably disrespectful student, likely a teen testing the boundaries(yes, people, it is a well known developmental task, this testing, and it does bug the guano out of broke, over-tired, frustrated adults) with some rude backtalk ... or maybe it will be a teen "threatening" a teacher who then shoots in "self-defense" instead of leaving the room or calling for help ... either way, another child will be dead and more adults will bemoan that fact but argue that there is nothing to be done and/or will blame the victim, his or her parents, the zeitgeist -- anything but the gun. On this, oh! how I wish to be wrong.

    1. The possibilities for disaster are endless. Let's not forget that Adam Lanza's mother had guns, and she's dead, shot by her own gun. So much for guns for protection.

  2. There is a very instructive video - a news report by Diane Sawyer on the difficulty of training non-law enforcement people to use a gun for defensive purposes while under stress:


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