Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Acting to protect the identity of the diocese he serves, the Right Reverend Charles G. vonRosenberg filed suit in U.S. District Court today against Bishop Mark Lawrence, asking the court to declare that only vonRosenberg, as the bishop recognized by The Episcopal Church, has the authority to act in the name of the Diocese of South Carolina.

Having renounced The Episcopal Church, Bishop Lawrence is no longer authorized to use the diocese’s name and seal. By doing so, he is engaging in false advertising, misleading and confusing worshippers and donors in violation of federal trademark law under the Lanham Act, the complaint says. It asks the court to stop Bishop Lawrence from continuing to falsely claim that he is associated with the Diocese of South Carolina, which is a recognized sub-unit of The Episcopal Church.
Read the rest of the news about the litigation at the link.

Sounds about right to me, although I am no expert in the law, and I have no idea how the case will be decided.  I've wondered why the breakaway dioceses don't call themselves  "The Anglican Diocese of Whatever," since they claim to represent true Anglicanism, the faith handed down, which would be less confusing all around.  Or could it be that the blurring of boundaries and confusion is intentional?

My prayers and good wishes are with the bishop, clergy, and lay members of the continuing diocese during this difficult period.


JCF said...

Sad, but necessary. God bless and defend the Episcopal Church---and grant reconciliation in God's Good Time.

David said...

I have been keeping up with this tragedy/travesty in SC. I serve on the Board of Trustees at Sewanee and no doubt there will be a struggle as to which "Diocese" will be seated as Trustees. My vote and my voice will go to the "true" Diocese of SC--called the continuing Diocese led by Bishop vonRosenberg..

The same situation arose when Fort Worth left and the continuing Diocese was seated..

Grandmère Mimi said...

Amen, JCF.

Grandmère Mimi said...

David, my bishop, Morris Thompson, is on the board of Sewanee, and I expect he will support the continuing diocese. I would not have been certain at all about the person who came in second in the vote for bishop here in my diocese.

David said...

Don't recall who came ins second "down there", but have known Morris and we will both cast the right vote ---or I should say the "correct" vote... Look forward to seeing him again..

Grandmère Mimi said...

Michael Smith, bishop of the Diocese of South Dakota, came in second. He's a Communion Partners bishop, who seemed, at times, poised with one foot in and the other ready to step out the door. We did not need that kind of divisiveness here in Louisiana. I'm relieved he was not elected.