Friday, March 1, 2013


You ask where have I been.  I'm right here.  In truth, no one asked where I've been.  Sniff, sniff...  I've spent the better part of the day trying to get virus protection downloaded onto my laptop.  (I know.  Buy a Mac, and I won't have to worry about virus protection.  I wanted that out of the way, before someone else says it.)  I'm not looking to buy a computer now. 

My laptop was freezing up, as I said earlier, and, as best as I and my helper could figure out, the culprit seemed to be my anti-virus program.  When I uninstalled the program, my laptop started working again. I didn't like the program anyway, so I decided to try the program I use on the desktop.  In fact, I tried to use the CD from which I downloaded the program to my desktop, but alas - the program was for one computer only, which may have complicated the subsequent attempt to download the anti-virus program to my laptop properly.  After a series of failures and frustrating phone calls with customer service, my efforts finally succeeded, and now all is well, after hours of effort.  Sooo...that's how I spent my morning and part of the afternoon.  What a fun day!


  1. boohoo -- hope all is well now -- blog on!!

  2. As a Mac user - sorry, you do need virus protection these days.

    1. James, I figured that the attacks would eventually spread to Macs. I have nothing against Apple computers. It's just that we've had good experiences with Windows, and we have not switched. Grandpère is not knowledgeable about computers, and he would be very upset to have to learn the ways of a Mac.


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