Saturday, June 22, 2013


Funding for the disabled and arts programs fell out of the $25 billion state spending plan Friday with the stroke of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s veto pen.

The governor deleted $4 million aimed at whittling down a waiting list for home-based services for the developmentally disabled. Parents of disabled children pleaded with legislators during the session to shorten the list. Some could wait 10 years before receiving services.

After issuing the vetoes, the governor flew to California for Republican National Committee meetings.

Jindal also stripped money for children’s clinics, family violence programs and an organization that helps the disabled become more independent through technological tools.
Do your dirty work and run, Guvna.  You don't want to be in Louisiana, anyway.  The trail of wreckage you leave behind is so ugly that maybe even you don't want to look.  What's next once your term is up?  Since you have your eyes on a prize on the national scene, why not now?  Is there a powerful Republican out there who will make you an offer you can't refuse right at this moment?  Not every governor completes her/his term.  Take Sarah Palin.  I'm sure a good many people in Alaska thought, "Take Sarah Palin.  Please!" 


  1. Since it's your blog and not mine, the only thing I can say here is: What.A.Jerk.

    But somehow, I just have to believe that all this wicked, disdainful, egotism will come back around to bite him in the end. Just like it bit Romney, and wasn't that a shame?

    1. Oh, I think Jindal will get his comeuppance, in that he will not be a candidate for president or vice-president, nor will he get a prominent federal appointment. He will be offered a nice lobbying job and never have to worry about money.

  2. Which reminds me very much of the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Jindal better invest in some fireproof underwear.

    1. So you don't think Jindal will be in the Bosom of Abraham.


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