Saturday, June 29, 2013


Brilliant post by CenLamar exposing the lack of responsibility and oversight of the school voucher program, a pet project of Bobby Jindal and State Superintendent of Education, John White, part of a plan to destroy public education in Louisiana.
Yesterday, after more than a year of sustained criticism in the state, national, and even international media, Louisiana Superintendent John White (no relation) announced the Department of Education was banning the New Living Word School in Ruston, Louisiana from participating in the so-called Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program (the SSEEP), more commonly known as the school voucher program. Under the direction of Governor Bobby Jindal and the majority Republican state legislature, Superintendent White is responsible for rolling out and implementing the most expansive school voucher program in the nation’s history, a program that potentially qualifies as many as 56% of Louisiana students.
Read it all, and weep for the children of Louisiana.  Note especially the leaked email from White to "muddy up the narrative," rather than deal with the revelations about the inadequacies of New Living Word School long before now.

Since the Louisiana State Legislature is responsible for enabling this type of scam, I blame them for supinely bowing before the governor to pass legislation allowing the mad voucher scheme to go forward.


Russ Manley said...

So does just nobody CARE in Louisiana that all this destruction is going on? I wonder what is the majority percentage that elects these Huns to office and keeps them there? Is it 70-30, 60-40, what? Is there just no hope of ever turning the blackhearted rascals out?

Of course, I could ask the same things about Texas - although I was pleasantly amazed at the turnout for Wendy Davis's heroic filibuster last week. If this is not a "Texas Spring," the changing demographics will surely bring one, before not so many years have passed.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I care; Lamar White cares; the teachers in Louisiana care. Not enough parents with children in school care. Jindal was reelected in 2011 with 65% of the vote. A good many of those who voted for Jindal now have voter's remorse.