Tuesday, July 2, 2013


"The Best of Youth" was originally conceived as a four-part Italian miniseries.  When the series was shown at Cannes, it won an Un Certain Regard award.  How French.

The format on Netflix consisted of two three-hour videos, which I enjoyed very much.  The first episode was a bit slow, but, after about half an hour, I was caught up in the story and fond of the characters.  I must have ordered the videos upon the recommendation of someone or other, because I can't think how I would have chosen the set all on my own.  Whoever it was, I thank you, for I spent a pleasurable six hours with the Caratis family. Though I loved all the characters, I especially loved la Mamma, Adriana.


  1. Good to hear! I have this way back in my queue, but now I'm moving it up based on your positive review. Thanks, Grandmère!

    1. Glad to be of service, Prairie Soul. The series received good reviews, so I may have read a review somewhere or other.


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