Thursday, August 29, 2013


This Is Probably The Funniest, Most Effective Way To Deal With People Who Ignore Science Facts Ever

There are members of Congress [and governors] who don't understand or accept basic science concepts. This hilarious video is dedicated to them.

Where's our boy Bobby Jindal?  Surely his name is next on the list.

From Upworthy.


  1. Jindal? Aren't they holding his name for the next major earthquake eruption? The "volcano studies" [I can't do air-quotes on paper] people are waiting for the chance.

    I hope Bobby Jindal doesn't devastate Seattle. Nice city.

    1. Are earthquakes given names? I never knew. Jindal has shaken the state in a way that is much like an earthquake and is just as destructive. Jindal as the first named earthquake sounds good to me.


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