Sunday, January 5, 2014


On this Twelfth Day of Christmas, I am thankful for finding my little lost wreath. The pin belonged to my sister, Gayle. After she died my nieces and nephew offered me a choice of a memento from her jewelry box or her clothes, and I chose the Christmas wreath. On Christmas Eve, I wore the pin to church and did not realize it was missing until I looked for it several days later. I knew the pin fell off either in church, in a crevice in the car, or in the street, in which case it was lost forever. Today, when I looked in the lost and found box in the parish hall, there it lay, all sparkly.


JCF said...

Thank you St Anthony!


Seriously, I know the feeling, Mimi. I also know the feeling of having lost something, and it remaining lost. :-(

Grandmère Mimi said...

JCF, the pin is precious to me. I'm very grateful.

Melanie said...

Pretty pin! Glad you found it. I had a wreath pin that belonged to my Mother. She wore it every Christmas and it was from the 1950s. I pinned it to my blouse this past Christmas Eve, and forgot it. Unfortunately it went through the washer and broke into pieces. :(

Grandmère Mimi said...

Melanie, how sad about your pin. I've wondered if my wreath might from around that time because of the clasp. My sister shopped estate sales and could have picked up the pin at one of the sales.