Saturday, March 24, 2018


As I watch the young people speaking in Washington DC and the great crowds all over the country in the March For Our Lives against gun violence, I am crying. My fervent hope for the young people and for all of us is that politicians hear their passionate cries for life and freedom from fear of gun violence and do something about the goddam guns.

Politicians, break loose from the grip of the vile NRA and do your job to protect the people you were elected to serve. Many of the young people will be eligible to vote come election time in 2018, and they want an end to the gun violence. The kids want to feel safe in school. All Americans want to feel safe at movie theaters, concerts, churches, malls, and night clubs.

One young woman just said, "I learned to duck before I learned to read."



Rmj said...

The NRA doesn't seem to really know how to respond to this. Their public responses have been uniformly terrible, and that might mean nothing as they will contribute $$$ and lobby in D.C., where the cameras don't go.

Then again, the NRA wins because voters don't vote on gun issues unless they are NRA fanatics. So if this can get voters to start voting, there might be hope.

Well, there's always hope. But it seems a bit more hopeful now, doesn't it?

June Butler said...

I don't know what the immediate future will look like, but the young people, who appear a hell of a lot more mature than their elders, do give me hope that the times they are a-changin'.

The Thought Criminal said...

It's so painful to listen to them because in 2018 it's necessary for them to be doing this. It is so painful to have to see them going through what should never have been necessary.

This is the ultimate proof of the failure of the left I was a part of most of my life. I hope they only pay attention to that old-new left to learn what a total mess we made of it.

I'll follow their lead.

June Butler said...

The young people are smart and articulate, and they believe that previous generations failed them. Because what they say seems true is partly why I cried. Since I take their opinions quite seriously, it's time for self-examination. We can't change the past, but we can allow the kids to lead us into the future.

Pegleg said...

My husband and I walked with the kids and their families in Oklahoma City in red, red Oklahoma. It was a powerful experience. I am hopeful, but we have to have their backs -- they need us as much as we need them.

June Butler said...

Thanks for being there, Pegleg. You are correct. We need each other. I am old and have mobility issues, but I was with the marchers in spirit with love and support.