Thursday, September 20, 2018


Why is it Dr Christine Ford and not Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, who asks for the FBI to investigate her allegations of sexual assault against the nominee? If Kavanaugh is telling the truth, why wouldn't he want to clear his name instead of taking his place on the court under a cloud? Of course, lying to the FBI is a crime.

I believe Christine Ford's story. Why would she make public a false story about an alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh when she was 15 years old, and he was 17? Ford certainly knew further abuse would follow, but perhaps even she did not envision death threats to herself and her family that  made it necessary for them to leave their home and go into hiding.

Dr Ford's description of the alleged sexual assault in her letter to Sen Feinstein:
Dear Senator Feinstein;

I am writing with information relevant in evaluating the current nominee to the Supreme Court.

As a constituent, I expect that you will maintain this as confidential until we have further opportunity to speak.

Brett Kavanaugh physically and sexually assaulted me during high school in the early 1980's. He conducted these acts with the assistance of REDACTED.

Both were one to two years older than me and students at a local private school.

The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others.

Kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom as I was headed for a bathroom up a short stair well from the living room. They locked the door and played loud music precluding any successful attempt to yell for help.

Kavanaugh was on top of me while laughing with REDACTED, who periodically jumped onto Kavanaugh. They both laughed as Kavanaugh tried to disrobe me in their highly inebriated state. With Kavanaugh's hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently kill me.

'From across the room a very drunken REDACTED said mixed words to Kavanaugh ranging from "go for it" to "stop."
At one point when REDACTED jumped onto the bed the weight on me was substantial. The pile toppled, and the two scrapped with each other. After a few attempts to get away, I was able to take this opportune moment to get up and run across to a hallway bathroom. I locked the bathroom door behind me. Both loudly stumbled down the stair well at which point other persons at the house were talking with them. I exited the bathroom, ran outside of the house and went home.

I have not knowingly seen Kavanaugh since the assault. I did see REDACTED once at the REDACTED where he was extremely uncomfortable seeing me.

I have received medical treatment regarding the assault. On July 6 I notified my local government representative to ask them how to proceed with sharing this information . It is upsetting to discuss sexual assault and its repercussions, yet I felt guilty and compelled as a citizen about the idea of not saying anything.

I am available to speak further should you wish to discuss. I am currently REDACTED and will be in REDACTED.

In confidence, REDACTED.
We now know that except for the final two lines in the letter that refer to Dr Ford, REDACTED is Kavanaugh's high school friend, Mark Judge, who has written extensively about his drunken years at Georgetown Prep in Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk and God and Man at Georgetown Prep.

The loathsome responses of GOP Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and other GOP senators on the committee are disgusting. Grassley, with great condescension said, "I don't doubt that she believes what she says, and in fact, I have a responsibility to give deference to that, at least until I hear it, and to make a determination afterwards if it is possible to make a determination."  There, there, dear. We'll pretend to listen, but your testimony is unreliable and won't change anything.

Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said Ford was "mixed up" and “there’s no question in my mind she was coached by special interest groups. Her story’s too contrived. It’s so slick it doesn’t compute.”

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “This has been a drive-by shooting when it comes to Kavanaugh....I’ll listen to the lady, but we’re going to bring this to a close.”

Dr Ford doesn't remember certain details like how she got home or the exact date of the party, but she remembers quite clearly the details of the alleged assault and that Kavanaugh's friend, Mark Judge, was in the room. Is that unusual? Not at all. She was traumatized, and it is common that peripheral details of an incident that causes trauma remain hazy.

Why in heaven's name would Dr Ford or anyone believe the GOP senators on the Judiciary Committee would give her anything resembling a fair hearing?

The latest in a still developing story from the New York Times:
Dr Ford “would be prepared to testify next week,” so long as senators offer “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety,” according to an email her lawyers sent to committee staff members.

In the email, obtained by The New York Times, the lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford said that testifying Monday — the timetable Republicans have set for a hearing — “is not possible and the Committee’s insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event.” The lawyer reiterated that it is Dr. Blasey’s “strong preference” that “a full investigation” occur before her testimony — wording that stopped short of demanding an F.B.I. probe and suggested she is open to testifying without one.


Neal Terry said...

Hello June, as a Brit looking on I am a tad conflicted about this. I've no doubt as to the politics as to why many are disapproving of this chaps appointment but are we really descending to dragging up everyone who did something irretrievably stupid as a teenager? There really won't be too many people left to hold public office.

June Butler said...

Neal, I do not think what you say is true. Indications are that a group at Georgetown prep school partied and drank heavily, and Kavanaugh was part of the group. Still, not all teenage boys who got drunk in high school and college sexually assaulted young women. If what Ford alleges is true, Kavanaugh crossed a line into criminal activity.

Why would Christine Ford make the allegations and bring such terrible pain on herself and her family if she's not speaking the truth? Why would she want the FBI to investigate if she's lying? Why isn't Kavanaugh asking for the investigations?

I wasn't there as a witness, and, in the end, the matter may come down to she said/he said, but knowing what I know about Ford and Kavanaugh, I stand with Ford. All too often behavior such as this is dismissed as boys will be boys, but the effect on girls and women and anyone who is abused is life-changing and not in a good way.

An investigation could shed much light. Within the FBI are people trained to do just such an investigation.

June Butler said...

Neal, Christine Ford also took and passed a lie detector test on the advice of her attorney. I know the tests have their limits and are not always accurate, but, if she's lying, it makes no sense for her to go to such lengths to prove herself a liar.

Marthe said...

Things I will never understand: 1.) why, if "boys will be boys" is no big deal, do those boys, when men, feel so compelled to just deny, deny, deny. If this was meaningless drunken behavior, the answer would be to apologize, admit it was stupid drunken idiocy, apologize and move on. It would not be necessary to demean the woman, over and over again. 2.) why do people write death threats to people they do not know, will never know, and feel compelled to threaten in the way that we so often read about when controversial issues arise? I read that both the woman and the judge and both their families have been threatened - this makes no sense whatever to me - who are these people whose answer to controversy is to write or call to threaten others with violence? 3.) why can't the Senate seem to ever figure out that hearings like this don't settle or resolve anything ... there needs to be a much better process for vetting Supreme Court nominations that is conducted by people NOT politically motivated. The process is broken and I don't believe there will be a fair outcome for anyone involved.

June Butler said...

Marthe, as of now Kavanaugh categorically denies the allegation, but if the alleged assault happened and was a one-time incident, Kavanaugh could do as you suggest, accept responsibility and offer an abject abject apology for the harm he caused Christine Ford. Of course, he'd follow with his withdrawal as nominee for the Supreme Court.

I don't know why people issue death threats, but they are not to be ignored, because some threats are carried out. I am more and more struck by Christine Ford's courage in coming forward and persisting in wanting to tell her story, even at great cost to herself and her family.

The Senate has a process that has been used a number of times when new allegations arise after hearings on nominees to judicial positions. The FBI reopens their investigation.

Unknown said...

Finally a strong woman stood up to these bullies ,its time these man were held responsible for their actions. Make a strong statement and show your support for Dr Christine Ford