Monday, October 8, 2018


I hope Trump's mocking of Dr Christine Ford hangs around Kavanaugh's neck like a dead, stinking albatross for his entire time on the court. I doubt there are many other nominees to the court who would not have withdrawn, if for no other reason than to spare their family the grief Kavanaugh's forced his to endure. He is in no way vindicated by his confirmation. He may have "won", but to take a seat on the highest court in the land under such circumstances seems a disgrace rather than a victory. Of course, the people of the country will suffer the consequences of the debacle. Justice Anthony Kennedy must be proud

Shocking and scary is how I'd describe Kavanaugh's behavior at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week. He demonstrated his obvious contempt for the hearing itself in his angry rant of an opening statement with references to revenge and conspiracies involving the Clintons. He gave direct answers to very few questions. Kavanaugh yelled at Sen Feinstein when she attempted to question him and never apologized.

The worst of Kavanaugh's contempt went to Sen Amy Klobuchar, who spoke of her father, who is now sober, and his struggle with alcholism. When she asked Kavanaugh if he ever had memory loss after drinking, he turned the question back on her and said, "I don't know. Have you?"

At times, Kavanaugh seemed so out of control, I wondered if he had been drinking. My father was an alcoholic who was on and off the wagon throughout his life. Sometimes he didn't drink for years, but he thought he could go it alone without AA, and, even when he wasn't drinking, he was mean and angry. Kavanaugh reminded me of my father, and to think of him sitting on the highest court of the land is devastating and frightening.

Not for one minute did I believe Susan Collins (R-ME) was "undecided". Her "undecided" act is old and tired and needs to be retired. She's Lucy with the football. Her 45 minute long speech was a load of bullshit. She believes Dr Christine Ford was assaulted but not by Brett Kavahaugh, who must be innocent until proven guilty. Collins wants to have it both ways as a case of mistaken identity by Christine Ford. Shame on her for abusing Ford again and for insulting the public's intelligence.

Was Jeff Flake's (R-AZ) apparent angst and call for a delay and an FBI investigation fake? Fake Flake? He got his delay and a mockery of an investigation that was brief, narrow, and severely limited. The FBI ignored a list of people who wanted to be interviewed and didn't even include interviews with the principals! Flake was satisfied that Dr Ford's testimony was not "corroborated" even without hearing from witnesses who told the FBI they could corroborate her story. He promptly decided he had enough cover to vote yes to Kavanaugh's confirmation.

The bar for a nominee to the Supreme Court should be set much higher than innocent until proven guilty. A justice on the Supreme Court should be above reproach and above partisanship. Kavanaugh has a history of reproaches and was blatantly partisan in his opening statement. Kavanaugh seems to have strayed from the truth multiple times during his testimony in 2006 at his confirmation hearings for the Washington DC Circuit Court and again last week. He will take his seat on the highest court in the land with indelible black marks on his reputation and suitability.

Watching Christine Ford's testimony alleging that a drunken 17 year old Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her with his intoxicated friend Mark Judge in the room was one of the most wrenching and compelling TV moments in my life. Ford was completely credible. I saw absolutely no sign of calculation or intention to make herself look good. I saw her tell the truth. I believe Christine Ford.


Marthe said...

This was a Trump scam from the start which he is now using to rile up his base with more of his total nonsense. And, I don't think it's over. Maybe Kavanaugh really doesn't remember the assault, but even then, the emotional display can't be seem as "judicial" -- more likely, he was coached by the Trump team to yell and deny because that's their "winning" ploy. No one "won" this thing. The Supreme Court lost - dignity, fairness, truth - all will be suspect as long as he sits there. It will not surprise me if he does not sit there for long - just a gut feeling, but it just feels like more is coming that will correct this horrid situation ... karma, maybe, about to be unleashed in spades. As Julian of Norwich wrote again and again, "...and all shall be well ..." somehow, some way, this thing will not stand.

June Butler said...

Leaving out the allegations of sexual assault and his blatant contempt for Democrats on the committee, Kavanaugh's demeanor during just his opening statement, his crying, shouting, and references to Clinton conspiracy theories were enough to convince me that he was temperamentally unfit for a seat on the highest court in the land. Imagine how quickly a women nominee to a federal court seat who behaved like Kavanaugh would have been dismissed as temperamentally unfit.

If there are more stories, Kavanaugh's confirmation will not stop them from being made public. I hope your gut feeling is right and Kavanaugh's time on the court will be short.

UKViewer said...

On this side of the pond the view of Kavanaugh one of someone who fits right into the Trump frame. His lies and attacks on the Democrats were petulant and full of anger at having been caught out. Like many of those who abuse, their defence mechanism is to do their best to deny or discredit the accuser and due to their connections, have the allegations dismissed as lies and fabrication.

This nomination will come back to bite the US public in the butt in the next few years, because decisions will be made with his casting vote which will damage the freedoms of people, hard won over the last few generations.

Trump and his cronies are dragging the USA down into the gutter and seem to want to do it permanently.

Where is integrity, honesty and serving the greater good in all of this, it has been abandoned in favour of a dangerous populism that has elements which might be compared to dictators such as Adolf Hitler and the like in the past.

God Bless America - because it seems that it desperately needs it.

June Butler said...

Kavanaugh's is a lifetime appointment. He's 53 and could serve till he's in his 80s, 30 years! I keep thinking Trump has hit bottom in going low, but it seems there is no bottom.

Each day seems like an exercise in warding off despair that our country will ever recover from Trump's depredations. It's not just Trump. He found fertile fields in which to sow his seeds of horror and destruction.

robin andrea said...

For his perjury alone he should have be denied a seat on the bench. For the partisanship in his angry speech to the judiciary committee, he should have been denied a seat on the bench. For his rancorous display of contempt toward the Democrats on the committee, should have been enough to deny him a seat. For Dr Ford's honest testimony, he should have been held accountable. Instead we have this. Sigh.

June Butler said...

There are multiple reasons why Kavanaugh was and is unfit for a seat on the Supreme Court.