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Friday, December 12, 2014


A group of women who restored a 19th century Voodoo queen's tomb are now working in a Thibodaux cemetery.

Employees of the New Orleans-based Bayou Preservation will be at St. John's Episcopal Cemetery off of Jackson Street on Saturday. They said this will be their fourth visit since the church hired them to restore some of the tombs, some of which are 100 years or older.
That's our cemetery, next to St John's Episcopal Church.  St. John's is not just the burial spot for members of our church but, for many years, was and is known as the Protestant cemetery for the Thibodaux area. Older tombs are falling apart, and are now being restored through the restoration project, which began several years ago and continues now as funds are available.

The cloud of witnesses in the cemetery is filled with peaceful spirits, and it's a lovely spot to meditate. On a day of prayer and quiet time St John's, I spent the breaks for time alone for contemplation in the cemetery, but I was not really alone.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


My intention in the picture essay is to show the different types of monuments in the graveyard. Click on the images for the larger view.

A number of obelisks, some tall...

...others less so.



Still another

Above ground structures which I call abodes of the dead

An abode with locked gates

Egyptian or Greek style abode


Small statue of an angel on the headstone of a four year old girl

Elaborate old headstone with a marble(?) insert

St John's Cemetery was, for all intents and purposes, the Protestant cemetery in town for white folks. African-Americans had separate burial grounds.