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Saturday, March 24, 2018


As I watch the young people speaking in Washington DC and the great crowds all over the country in the March For Our Lives against gun violence, I am crying. My fervent hope for the young people and for all of us is that politicians hear their passionate cries for life and freedom from fear of gun violence and do something about the goddam guns.

Politicians, break loose from the grip of the vile NRA and do your job to protect the people you were elected to serve. Many of the young people will be eligible to vote come election time in 2018, and they want an end to the gun violence. The kids want to feel safe in school. All Americans want to feel safe at movie theaters, concerts, churches, malls, and night clubs.

One young woman just said, "I learned to duck before I learned to read."


Tuesday, October 27, 2015


National Cathedral - Washington DC
On Sunday, November 1, 2015, All Saints Day, I shall attend the installation of Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry as 27th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. My friend Lisa, who was a deputy to General Convention 2015, will not be able to use her ticket to the installation, so she offered it to several friends, and I was the first to respond with a yes. I had put my name in the lottery for a ticket but did not win, so I was thrilled by the offer of the ticket.

After I booked my flight, I noticed that along with the ticket, I would be asked to present ID. Well, I am not Lisa, so I wrote to her and asked if this might present a problem. Dear Lisa, who knew the right people to contact, along with having to deal with cat/veterinarian and other matters in her own life, arranged to have my name placed on the master list of ticket holders, so I will not need to pretend to be Lisa.  My flight is non-refundable, so I am quite relieved that all is in order for me to attend the ceremony.  Otherwise, I was going to DC anyway to present myself at the door of the cathedral to see what would happen.  If I didn't get in, I planned to enjoy a few tourist days in the nation's capital.

Thanks again to Lisa, for the gift of the ticket and for making the necessary arrangements for me to attend in my own name.

Cathedral image by Carol M. Highsmith from Wikipedia.

Below is a video of Bishop-elect Curry following his election at General Convention 2015 of the Episcopal Church.

FRIDAY UPDATE: I will not be attending the installation of Bishop Curry. I've been ill with gastrointestinal problems, aches, and fever, since Wednesday evening. Yesterday, I was not well enough to finish packing, and, though I feel somewhat better today, there's no way I could be on a plane. I'm so sorry to miss the ceremony and that the ticket will not be used, unless someone wants it, and we work out a way for me to get it to them.

I cancelled my flight reservation, and I will get a refund, which surprises me. Southwest wanted to give me a free round trip ticket to travel later, but I said this was to be my last flight, so the ticket would do me no good. The airline then agreed to refund the cost, and I'm grateful to them. I cancelled my hotel reservation at no charge.

Though I'm very disappointed, I've been too ill to think about what I'll be missing, and I know I made the right decision. This, too, shall pass, and now I know I need to stick to my plan not to arrange more travel, except for short car trips.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC
proper 27 meditation

Oh hear now how the proud claim, “I built that!” –
smug in abundance, demanding of praise,
no credit to the carpenter,
anonymous hands bought and bruised to raise
temples of conceit on the habitat
of the wild, the poor, the stranger.
“Unless the LORD builds the house,
their labor is in vain who build it.”
The tests and triumphs of mere mortal rule,
at best, may imitate a discerned
intent of our one Creator,
at worst, displace eternal gifts un-earned
with fleeting fragile robes consumed as fuel
to warm bare greed’s known successor.
“Unless the LORD builds the house,
their labor is in vain who build it.”
Oh Lord, oh builder of The worthy home,
let not our eyes be blinded by false pride
or the bribes of an oppressor
tempt a hungry soul to forsake the guide
of Love that feeds and shelters as we roam.
Praise to Thee, one true confessor.
(Marthe G. Walsh)

St James' Episcopal Church, Bear Creek SD