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Friday, November 16, 2012


When we married 51 years ago, I wore a plain wide wedding band similar to the ring pictured on the left. Many years later I developed a rash under the ring, which surprised me because I thought no one was allergic to gold.  After asking around, I was told that the rash was probably from one of the alloy metals in the ring, the most likely culprit being nickel.  Though it saddened me, I had to stop wearing the ring.

As a replacement I bought a thin gold band similar to the ring on the right, with the thought that it might not cause a rash, and indeed it did not. It wasn't the same as wearing the original ring, but it served its purpose for many years.

Then the other night I noticed that the knuckle on my ring finger hurt and was enlarged from arthritis.  Yikes!  I thought I'd better get the ring off before it had to be cut off.  It was a struggle, but I finally was able to work the ring off.

Now what do I do?  Shall I buy a larger ring to fit over the enlarged knuckle but will fit loosely at the base of my finger or just give up the idea of wearing a ring?  I lean toward the idea of no ring.

Sigh...I really love the original.

UPDATE: The wedding band on a chain "close to my heart".