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Friday, August 27, 2010


Is it possible to get drunk on music? As we rolled through Scotland in MadChauffeur's wheels, along with the chills and thrills of riding fast on one lane roads with two way traffic and "Oooh!" and "Aaah!" scenery around every curve, we had SOUL in spades. I love soul music and have done so since my teens, however, I have never listened to soul music for such a sustained period of time in my whole life. By the end of 8 days of hours of listening to the music, I was a-groovin' and a-tappin' away in the car. If there had been room, I'd have been a-dancin'. I felt drunk on SOUL.

Here's a top-100 list and more of the greatest of soul and R&B recordings. I know we heard a good many of the artists and some of the songs, but as I said, I was drunk, and one tends to lose one's sense of accurate recall when enebriated, so I can't say for sure.

Cathy brought along opera and classical music CDs which did not get played until MadChauffeur abandoned us at the Glenuig Inn, and we hired our car for Cathy's turn at driving. Since I also love opera and classical music, I was quite happy with the change in sound, but without the total immersion in the music for hours on end, I did not get drunk.

And speaking of drunk (Did I really say that?!!!), I developed a taste for single malt (Bruce and Caminante alert!) under the influence of the wicked Cathy. Now I'd tasted the drink before and never liked it, but this time around, I acquired a taste for it, and I blame Cathy. She made me do it.

I posted the following comment at MadChauffeur's blog using Cathy's Notebook with the tiny keyboard, and thus was born Mimo, my evil Doppelgänger.

Hi everyone. Mimi here from Newcastle.

Johnathan has a sweet side that he doesn't reveal very often. He was quite kind an patient with me when we went shopping for the prop0er shoew for me for trekking in Scotland. He picked ouu thick socks for me qnd even noticed when the clerk at checkout was charging me too much for my shoes. He's a lovely man, you know even if he's shy aqbout letting that part of himself shop.


Do you see? My Doppelgänger took over my comment, and she can neither spell nor type. Just so you'll know, I deny responsibility for anything that Mimo says.

Below is a picture of the boots, which are quite comfortable and were just the thing for the oftentimes wet terrain in Scotland, having good grips on the soles along with ankle support.

The boots were half-price, and the clerk at checkout was charging me full price until MadChauffeur noticed the mistake. My only caveat about the purchase is the shoelaces, which do not stay tied even with a double knot and are also too long and sometimes trail on the ground. Plus, already the tip of one lace came off, which would make it impossible to thread should the shoelaces come out. So it's new shoelaces for the boots, which, all things considered, still makes them a wise purchase. I had no room in my luggage for the boots, so the only way I could get them home without having to carry another bag was to wear them.

Oh dear! I hope that my future posts on the trip will not stray so far into stream-of-consciousness mode. Once I have my 500-plus pictures uploaded and culled, I hope to be a bit more settled in my writing.

À bientôt!