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Monday, April 14, 2014


Even as I resist and lament
Assorted aches and pains,
Energy reduced, senses diminished,
Failing memory,

World grown smaller,
Walls closing in
As the days and hours pass
In a life nearing the ninth decade,

I remember the many
Who never grow old,
Whose lives are cut off
By untimely deaths,

And I welcome the turning
Of the decade as a gift
Not given to everyone,
And bow my head in gratitude.

(June Butler - 4/13/2014)

Thursday, February 14, 2013



Sorry for the late Valentine's Day greetings, but I just now took the picture of my valentine from Grandpère - three lovely camellias from the bush in our garden.  I confess I was more moved by the camellias from the garden than by flowers from a florist.  Our camellia bushes are covered with blooms, so why not have a few inside?

And for Valentine's Day lagniappe, the photo below shows the lovely sunset yesterday, which made me late for Ash Wednesday services, because I had to have a picture of the splendid sight. I think God does not mind that I was a few minutes late, because, after all, the sunset is God's gift.