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Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is one of my favorite museums in all the world. My hotel was within walking distance, and I visited three times and wondered around until my feet wore out. The galleries in the V&A are manageable and not vast like those of other large museums. And, wonder of wonders, taking pictures is allowed!

Jason - 16th century - Italy - Unknown artist

Virgin and Child - Girolamo Campagna - ca. 1578

(Note: Thanks to Lapin who identified the Apollo and Zephyr statues, shown below, and the Madonna and child, shown above for me.)

Apollo & Zephyr - Pietro Francavilla - 1577

Cupid Kindling the Torch of Hymen - George Rennie - 1831

Peasant Woman Nursing a Baby - Aimé-Jules Dalou - 1873

Crouching Youth - Winifred Turner - ca. 1934

Albert Einstein - Jacob Epstein - 1933

Cupid and Psyche - Auguste Rodin - ca. 1908

I'll post more pictures from the V&A later. One day when I'd decided to revisit the museum, it was raining, but, since I was only a block and a half away from the South Kensington Underground Station, I walked through the tunnel there, at the end of which you arrive inside the museum, not soaking wet.

Picture of the building from Wikipedia.