Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Great Movie In The Works

Ed, a simple village organist, who can't make up his mind if he's Presbyterian or Episcopalian, or something else entirely, which he calls Eclectic - I never heard of that denomination - and who lives in the small village of Los Angeles, which, if I remember correctly, is in California, has news of plans for a movie that will have many of us quite excited in anticipation.

I hope that you won't think me immodest if I reveal that I shall have a small part in the production. Not that you will see me in the movie, for my work is strictly behind the scenes.

Go read all about it, but have your dictionary handy, because Ed uses lots of big words.


Mary Clara said...

Ed's project has me ROFLMAO. Although your role is supposedly behind the scenes, Mimi, I would not be surprised to see you make a cameo appearance . . .

rick allen said...

Sounds like an excellent subject for the major Hollywood treatment: "Vee haf vays uff meiking you talk!"

But seriously, sounds like you had a major grandma adventure at Shrek. Our kids are happily at the age where they really don't want the folks tagging along to the movies.

If you're looking for something for yourself and H., my wife and I have seen "Waitress," "The Queen," and "Miss Potter" this year, and though I can't say any changed my life, I enjoyed them all and found the decibel level more to my taste. (My son rented and insisted we watch "Children of Men" last night, a good movie I'm glad he foisted on us, but, I understand, something more of a white-knuckle chase movie than Ms. James' novel.)

Anyway, you've given me an opening to mention something which put me in mind of you this last weekend, that one of the previews before "Waitress" was for a new film bio about Jane Austen, "Becoming Jane." It's already opened in the UK to mixed reviews, and it does apparently take some liberties at which staunch Austenians might well sniff. Nevertheless, if it's that versus "The Rise of the Silver Surfer".......

johnieb said...

While I may need refreshing on the precise details of this project, I'm sure it will bear good fruit, God being y'alls help, which I await with interest. I'm sure a cameo appearance, while soothing the vanity, would not be so appropriate as whatever featured part the film's narrative requires, and therefore urge you to summon your resources, as with Grandchildren at the movies, and embolden yourself to do the work you have been given to do.

Details are up to you, of course.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Mary Clara, perhaps a cameo, but no feature role, as you suggest, Johnieb. What part would I play? I'm too old for the nurse-girlfriend.

Rick, thanks for the suggestions for future movies. My daughter, who is one of my movie advisors, has already suggested "Waitress". We live in the movie boonies. Only the most popular come our way, so unless I drive to New Orleans, I have to wait for the DVD for some.

"The Queen" is on my list. I love Helen Mirren. "Miss Potter" will not play here, but it goes on my list, as does "Children of Men". It's the only one of P. D. James' books which I have not read.

Now, I will make my confession, and you can all give me a general absolution. We went to see "Knocked Up" the other night on the basis of good reviews and my daughter's advice, but she had not yet seen the movie.

It was funny and well-acted. The do-the-right-thing-even-if-its-hard theme was sweet, but the sex scenes were a little rough for me. If my daughter had seen it first, she might have said, "Maybe this one is not for you."

I have no particular objection to the F-word, unless it's used in the presence of folks who would be greatly offended by it, and I use it, on occasion, myself, with a good bit of satisfaction. But bombardment with the word, takes its toll. I begin to feel battered. It's probably a generational thing.

So, my friends, give me my absolution, and I'll move on.

Ed said...

Mimi is now also the press agent for the project! She may star in the sequel, tentatively titled either "Girls of Cluny" or "Bernardines Behind Bars."

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ed, you're planning sequels already? Isn't that premature? I know that it seems like a good bet for a hit, nevertheless....

David Charles Walker said...

The Church of the Holy Eclectic. Ah yes. It thrives... but secretly. And already there is an offshoot, a "walk-apart-from," if you will. And that would be The Church of the Wholey Eclectic. And, I believe (but OCICBW), that it is to this group of reappraisers that Ed belongs.

According to the article in Wickedpedopedia, the see is in that desert monastery, Lasitum Vegastium, Archbishop Theodosius Turnon of Atlantibus presiding. And, it must be said, the creed to which they adhere is a far, far cry from that of the One, True and Holy Eclectic. But... sigh... such is the world these days.

Ed said...

Thank you, David. That clarified everything :-) It is somewhat of a gnostic sect, as you may have gathered.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Well, now, David, Ed, I'm glad that's all sorted out. Wholey Eclectic, Holy Eclectic, gnostic, it's all beyond me, but you two understand, and that's what counts.

David Charles Walker said...

Gnostic, to say the least!

But oh, Ed...there is one more thing. It is said that the Church of the Wholey Eclectic is in possession of several fine icons of Blessed Benedict the Afflekzion and that strange, otherworldly events have been known to occur while in their presence. Can you confirm this for me?

johnieb said...

Ah grandmere, ma cher,

for a gray eminence you ask a lot of questions. Does this mean you are prepared to put me in charge of re-write, per our lunch discussions?

This isn't your open site, is it? Merde!

Jane R said...

No no no, I will have nothing to do with anything Gnostic! I took that web orthodoxy test and I am Chalcedon Compliant!

(Oh goodie, a schism.)

But this can all be resolved in the bosom of the Wholley Holy Eclectic Church.

And I'm all for Mimi in the sequel.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, by all means, join the discussion that's way over my head.

Johnieb, you're skirting the edge with the merde. Go ahead and open your damned blog and write. You can make the rules.

David Charles Walker said...

Don't say that word. No need for schism. "Can't we all just get along?" (a thought attributed to Rodney of The Angels)

Just think of what we share: surely we all can find some comfort in COTWE's icons of Blessed Benedict the Afflekzion. Yesss... comfort.

Er... pardon. Just had a momentary vision.

Anyway, there is one Ed of The Angels (busy bees those angels) who has attributed great powers to them. We're all eagerly awaiting his testimonial about them.

My big concern is that there are rumors the icons were stolen from the Diocese of Wenchoster. And the diocesan lawyers, bless their hearts (a term of endearment oft used by Jack of Worth), are threatening an injunction against a certain film project. Oh, the intrigue!

jackjoe said...

mimi, this is alice. i love movies as did jack but a serious question for you and your "fans."

i saw waitress as did three couples i know. the women did NOT like it. the men did. i think it had a bad message: if your marriage is falling apart, have a baby. the acting was great but it seem to take pregnancy rather superficially. i guess i'm a chauvist female pig. would appreciate comments. small sample i know, but reactions do seem strange.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Alice, I have not seen "Waitress" yet, but if your marriage is falling apart, that's not the time to have a baby. Pregnancy is not superficial.

Ed said...

David: Don't got not icon, but if you want to see an old relic, what can I say, your place or mine?

johnieb said...

Jane R.,

oddly enough I passed that test myself, which leads me to apply the Groucho test: "How good can it be if I can pass it?" Inclusiveness as part of our theological task; I heard that somewhere before, somewhere very recently.

Church of the Holy or Wholey Eclectic, whatever; the mention of lawyers and property, however, should not be discussed in polite company. Surely we all may stand on this? And isn't that what re-app***sers are all about: which children inherit and so forth? Poverty is so much less trouble: TBTG.


we have "Bernadines Behind Bars" as a lock on the sequel with some possible VBN with an option. Suggest "Girls of Cluny" too tame. Perhaps grandmere as the Abbott/ Nurse who joins the young novices with a blessing, that is, if we don't tart it up too much. Worth a gamble?

I beg your pardon, grandmere; it's the first time I knew of this rule. Are there others I should know?

Sincerely, (at least the last bit)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ed, Jane, I don't know about being in the sequel. Often sequels just do not measure up.

David, you reminded me of another rule: no "bless your heart" or "bless their hearts" allowed around here. Sorry about that, my friend.

Those statements are invariably followed by negative words about whomever the blessing is bestowed upon.

Johnieb, lunch? re-writes? What on earth are you talking about? Merde!

My suggestion to David should answer your question about rules.

I don't think I should say more. I'm losing my sense of what this thread is about.