Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here's my latest in tongue-twisters - seen on the back of a tee-shirt:

If a fudpucker could puck fud, how much fud could a fudpucker puck if a fudpucker could puck fud.

Say it quickly. How did you do? I had to say it several times before I got it right.

Maybe this is an oldie, and everyone else has seen it. In that case, sorry. Sometimes I don't keep up.


  1. A British equivalent is

    I'm not the Pheasant-Plucker,
    I'm the Pheasant-Plucker's son,
    And I'm only Plucking Pheasants
    Till the Pheasant-Plucker comes.

    God, it's a pain just to TYPE correctly!

    Linked, for your amusement, is MPs's inspired YouTube performance of this gem.

  2. Lapin, wonderful. Thanks for that. Is that really MadPriest?

    You know, one of us should be able to find a real picture of him - as someone in the comments said - something beyond the rubber face mask of Newman. I'm out there. He should be out there.

    Did you give up on the HTML link business?

  3. I found it easier to post links using the "comments" box on Thinking Anglicans. You paste in a link, hit "preview", and the whole thing comes up ready formated - just have to copy and paste. I live in terror, of course,of the day that I accidentally hit "post" and dispatch something utterly hair-curling to Mr. Sarmiento - as will, sooner or later, undoubtedly happen.

    WHY don't you run a competition - 1st prize 100 years of purgatory (one or more of your clergy admirers will gladly make good on that one, I feel certain) - for the first reader to produce an authentic MP photograph?

    Between the creative fakes and the possibly authentic, I sense that there's good sport to be had here.

  4. PS The Austen movie. Have you read the reviews. As I expected. Read the NYT a few minutes ago. Implied oral sex between "the Bennetts"!!!!! Beggars belief!

  5. Lapin and I are speaking of the movie review of Becoming Jane, which will be a must see for me.

    Lapin, having that suggestion in the movie is as gratuitous and unwanted as it's possible to be. Not from a prudish viewpoint, just from a sense that it does not belong.


    I did as expected..and mouth was very potty while I was doing as well as expected..

  7. I sent, earlier, an email to what I assume is your yahoo email address (blogger registration comes with a free yahoo email account). Assume Grandmère is correct?

  8. Lapin, that is not my email address. I wouldn't mind your having my address, but I don't want to post it publicly.

  9. I can't even think it and have it come out right. Just think what we dyslexics do with something like this!

  10. Eileen, Muthah+, I had to say it very deliberately several times before I could get it right. However, once I'd said it correctly a few times, it became easier.

  11. Sorry to read elsewhere of your ongoing family problems. Your son has my every sympathy. If you feel that any of my earlier posts would be better off "gone", just go ahead and delete them.

  12. Lapin, I don't feel the need to delete any of your other posts. If you'd want to post your email address, I'd copy it and delete it right after.

    I believe that my ex-DIL is getting married today, so it's a difficult time for my son.

    To be honest, it does not make me sad, except for him and the children. I hope the marriage works out well for the sake of the kids.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Roger, I copied the address and deleted it.

  15. Similar to lapin's, my father used to say,
    "I'm not a fig plucker or a fig plucker's son, but I'll pluck figs till the fig plucker comes."

    Must be the Yooper version...


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