Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roseann Is Back In The Hospital

Morning Mimi,

Roseann is back in the hospital, and she says calls and prayers would be appreciated.
The hospital number is 1-501-552-4120.

She had a vein graft on the 12th of this month and developed severe pain on Wednesday and entered the hospital through emergency. A Doppler ultrasound has been done looking for a blood clot and none was found. Now they are looking for infection. She is still in great pain and is on mega painkillers.

She needs to be lifted up in prayers and surrounded by God's healing Angels.

I'll keep you posted.


P.S. Myron has returned to Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital following his 10 day stay at Christiana Care for Gallbladder problems.

Sue, thanks for keeping us informed about Roseann and Myron.

UPDATE: I just talked to Roseann on the phone. She is so very brave that she makes me cry. She has trouble upon trouble, but she still manages to laugh. I was delighted to hear her voice and her laugh when I mentioned St. Gilda's words, "It's always something!" She and Gary hang in there like troopers in spite of daunting challenges.

She cannot read blogs or Facebook while she is in the hospital, but she can take calls and read email. The hospital phone number is above and her email address is

revamundo (at) gmail (dot) com

She said that if she doesn't answer the phone, it's because she can't, because of procedures being done, etc. In that case, try again at another time.


  1. Prayers for Roseanne, Garry and Myron.

  2. Prayers continue.

    We offer her name at Eucharist every time here.


  3. Continuing to pray for both Roseanne and Myron and their carers.

  4. Thanks, Mimi and Sue. They are remembered here too.

  5. Thanks, Mimi and Sue. I've been worried about Roseanne and have been haunting your site because I knew you would keep us informed. Many prayers from Eastern Oregon.

  6. I've been concerned, too, because we haven't heard anything about Roesann for a while, until the recent news.

  7. I've been thinking about Roseann a lot. I just came back from choir retreat and knew if there was any news, it would be here. Thanks, Mimi, and Prayers ascend here.


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