Monday, November 19, 2012


NEW ORLEANS — Golfers at Audubon Park Golf course will be the first in the state to zip around bird-filled lagoons and Spanish moss-swathed live oaks in a fleet of entirely solar-powered carts.

The thin, lightweight black panels attached to the roofs of the 75 new carts are removable, said Audubon golf pro Stan Stopa, so that in another four or five years, (typically the lifespan of the carts), the solar panels can be attached to the next generation of carts.

Ben Nelson, managing partner of the dealership that sells the carts, said Audubon is the first course in the state to convert all its carts, and one of only a handful nationwide.
Brilliant.  The solar panels will pay for themselves over time and can be used on the next generation of golf carts.

Audubon Park Zoo has its own large compost heap of composed of droppings from herbivores, trimmings from shrubs and trees, and discards from food services in the park.  Once the material in the heap is "cooked", some of the compost is used in landscaping projects in the park, some goes into 40-pound bags labeled "ZooDoo Gold” and sold for $13, and bags of compost are given to local schools.

Not all the news coming out of Louisiana is bad.  Believe it or not, enlightened people reside in the state.


Cathy said...

It would be good if the golf carts went manically fast when it was really sunny.

Seriously I don't know why this isn't more widespread. Golf courses are outdoors. Quite obviously. Therefore, you would have thought the solar connection was a no-brainer.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Ha ha ha. I never thought of that, Cathy. What an imagination you have. Brilliant.

Cathy said...

:) Why thank you (blushes). I do hope you're feeling better soon btw, Mimi - stomach flu is no fun :( It passes sort of quickly at least, well usually. I hope for you it's one of those overnight or 24-hour things. Still no fun though.