Wednesday, January 23, 2013


BAYOU CORNE — Eleven new bubble sites have been found in inundated swampland west of an 8.5-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish, including a frothing spot dubbed the “mother of all bubble sites,” officials said Tuesday.

The sites are roughly in a row west of an unnamed oilfield access road extending south from La. 70 South through the wooded swamp, a parish map shows.

The sites bring to 34 the number of known bubble sites in the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou areas in the vicinity of the sinkhole on Texas Brine Co. LLC’s leased property.
My guess is that the people who were ordered to evacuate from their homes last year will very likely never be able to return.  The troubling situation in the area is worsening, and who knows when or where it will end?  I wonder if further numbers of residents of nearby areas may be asked to leave.  Highway 70, a much used road, is near the sinkhole activity.  If the highway is impacted and forced to close, it will greatly inconvenience workers and travelers in the area. 

The "mother of all bubble sites"
If we take stuff out from under the ground beneath us, why are we surprised when the ground beneath us collapses?  When will we ever learn?